Brin de Cocagne

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Vue du Brin de cocagne au Printemps

Last news from here…

With the arrival of spring and in a spirit of renewal, Brin de Cocagne is slowly waking up from its winter period. Guest rooms This year, Toulouse-Lautrec, like the three other guest rooms in previous years, has been repainted in … Read More

Découverte du parcours de légende

Ce matin nous étions quelques-uns, hébergeurs, prestataires de services et distributeurs à avoir répondu à l’invitation aux portes ouvertes de la cave Labastide. Nous avons été accueillis par Juliana qui nous a accompagné pendant toute la visite. Un peu d’histoire… … Read More

Betty’s first Feelings …in Brin de Cocagne

At the bend in the road, at a place called Cambou, I enter the alley lined with pines and cypresses and at the end of the road, a beautiful house with wine-coloured shutters, surrounded by greenery, cultivated fields, hills and … Read More

Go with Griotte…

Yesterday, the Brin de Cocagne welcomed for the first time and certainly not the last, a pretty young lady called “Griotte”. Always in search of beautiful meetings and unusual activities for our guests, her look had not left me indifferent … Read More

Relaxing Your Mind and Body

One year ago, I met Florence, in Fénols when I arrived at Brin de Cocagne. A week ago, curious to experience the “Access Consciousness® Bars”, I made an appointment with her. I showed up at 2pm as agreed. Florence welcomed … Read More

Our guest table

At Brin de Cocagne, a particular care is given to the simple and flavourful dishes on offer, as well as to the Decoration table that Elisabeth likes to prepare according to the seasons, the dishes and her inspiration of the … Read More

A rewarding trip to the land of pastel

Since my arrival in the Tarn, I regularly heard about the “Pays de Cocagne” and “pastel” … After reading many articles and documents, my knowledge had gone beyond the stage of the “mât de cocagne” with its ribbons and “pastel”, … Read More

Culinary Arts in The Tarn

In the center of the Occitan region between Gascony and Languedoc, the Tarn has an exceptional gastronomic diversity: pink garlic from Lautrec, foie gras, saffron, fruit and vegetables, eggs, meat, poultry and cheese… The richness of the Tarn lies not … Read More

Golf dans le Tarn

Sports and Leisure activities

Our region offers an ideal playground to take the time to hike, ride bicycles or mountain bikes, trot on horseback, play golf, tennis … or more simply adopt the art of living in Occitania and take the time to settle … Read More

Tarn, a preserved and authentic territory

Tarn, the heart of Occitania ” Benvenguda e bon viatge dins Tarn ” (Welcome and have a nice trip in the Tarn). To discover the authenticity of the Tarn and its profound identity, come and meet the Occitan culture. … Read More

vignoble gaillac

Gaillac, the city and its vineyards

Gaillac and its vineyards, a 2,000-year-old history, an exceptional diversity of soils and grape varieties, Braucol, Duras and Syrah, Prunelart, loin de l’oeil, Mauzac, Ondenc… …and passionate winegrowers.  The abbey Saint Michel In 972, the bishop of Albi granted … Read More

Fortified towns and hilltop villages route

In the Tarn, you will enjoy the route going through the 13th century fortified and picturesque villages. Among which Cordes sur Ciel, Castelnau-de-Montmiral, Puycelsi, some of which are classified as the most beautiful villages of France.      Albigensian bastides Contrary to … Read More

Albi UNESCO World Heritage Site

Fascinating city whose cultural and heritage wealth invites you to travel. Come and discover Albi, Saint Cecilia’s Cathedral, the cradle of the city, its historic heart, visit its museums and stroll through its picturesque medieval streets. Albi has been recognized, … Read More