Brin de Cocagne

Relaxing Your Mind and Body

One year ago, I met Florence, in Fénols when I arrived at Brin de Cocagne.

A week ago, curious to experience the “Access Consciousness® Bars”, I made an appointment with her.

I showed up at 2pm as agreed.

Florence welcomed me, invited me to sit down, and asked me a few questions about my name, date of birth, my family, health history, etc..

Then she invited me to take off my shoes and to lie down on her massage table, on my back. She started by putting her hands on my feet, then on my hands and finally on my head.

I had the impression, because I dozed off several times, that she was exerting small pressures on my skull and my temples… I even heard myself snoring at times because I was so relaxed…

You have understood that I had no notion of time…

I left this state of “zenitude” with regrets… I was determined to come back for a new session!

Also, I cannot recommend enough that during your stay at Brin de Cocagne, you make an appointment with Florence for a session of Access Consciousness® Bars or foot reflexology or body sculpting or guided relaxation…

For more information, I invite you to visit her website:

Florence Michot at 06 18 85 29 74

A few lines about Access Consciousness® :

More than 20 years ago, Gary Douglas founded Access Consciousness®, an energetic technique for releasing cellular memories.

An Access Bars session is done by magnetically activating 32 points located on each side of the head, called Bars. These points create an electromagnetic bar.

Access Bars Consciousness® releases the mind, the limitations of our thoughts, feelings, patterns, considerations and emotions.

This practice helps to :

– Reduce stress, anxiety, Sleep better and wake up rested, full of energy,

– For attention deficit disorders with or without hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD) children, teenagers, adults,

– Preparation for exams,

– Deep relaxation,

– Dissipate certain mental, emotional, physical and energetic blockages.

Relaxing moment
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