Our commitment


Les engagement pour l'environnement de Brin de Cocagne

For us, for you and for the future generations, we would like to put in place actions to minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible. These actions will help us to protect the environment and contribute to making our planet a cleaner place to live. Nature will thank us for it.

In addition to our own daily actions, we offer you the opportunity, if you agree, to be part of this approach. Therefore, we would like to inform you that at Brin de cocagne, we pay attention to the following points:


  • At breakfast we serve mainly natural, local and seasonal products to guarantee fresh and natural food.

  • We have a kitchen bin for household waste, a bin dedicated to cardboard, plastic and paper packaging, a bin for all glass containers and finally a compost bin for all plant material.

  • Before you leave, apart from the bathroom bin, we would be grateful if you would hand over any waste you may have in the room.



  • Sheets and towels are changed every five nights or upon request, if this one is communicated in advance.

  • We ask you not to let the water run unnecessarily from the taps of the washbasin or under the shower…,

  • All our toilets are equipped with a double flush tank (6 liters for large drains / 3 liters for small drains). Thank you for using them wisely.

  • As far as possible, our garden is watered with water from our three wells.


  • Lighting is provided by low-energy light bulbs or LEDs.

  • The temperature of the house is automatically set to 19° in winter and naturally tempered in summer thanks to the thickness of the walls.

  • In an eco-responsible approach, please turn off the lights when you leave the room and close the windows when the heating or air conditioning is on.

  • Thank you in advance for your active participation!

Thank you in advance for your active participation!