Food & Wine

"The table is the ideal place for relaxation and conviviality"

Bernard Loiseau, French Cook, Businessman (1951 - 2003)

At Brin de cocagne, a particular care is taken with the dishes offered; simple, balanced, full of flavours and as well as with the table decoration. Indeed, Elisabeth likes to create according to the seasons, beautiful decorations as the art of the table has been her trade in the past.

Wine, one of our passions, is honored at our guest table, particularly the Gaillac and Côtes du Tarn. It will be a pleasure to share this moment with you and to show you these treasures.

The day of your arrival

we will be happy to welcome you with a friendship drink at 7.30 pm, a privileged moment in order to know each other and, if you wish, to suggest some ideas for organizing your stay (outings, visits, restaurants…).

Verre de l'amitié au brin de cocagne
Petit déjeuner au Brin de Cocagne


Breakfast is served according to the season and the weather, on the terrace in front of the house,
under the hayloft, in front of the bread oven or in the dining room, from 8:30 to 10:00 am.


Brin de Cocagne’s guest table is open available every night except on Monday evening  at 8pm.
Reservation requested for the guest table 24 hours in advance.
According to the season and the weather, this one could be located on the terrace in front of the house, under the hayloft, in front of the bread oven or in the dining room.
We are pleased to offer you a menu elaborated with fresh seasonal produces from our local producers  and according to the inspiration of the hostess of the house.  

Table d'hôtes brin de cocagne sous le fenil

The menuS


The Gaillac (AOP) is, along with the Côte Rôti (south of Lyon), the oldest wine in France.
Produced on both banks of the Tarn, in the north-western part of the department (north-east of Toulouse), it is available in white, red, rosé, pearl, sweet and sparkling (“ancestral method”).
Its main grape varieties: Loin de l’œil, Mauzac, Sauvignon, Muscadelle, Ondenc for the whites and Duras, Braucol, Syrah, Prunelart, Gamay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon for the reds.

Dîner brin de cocagne au coucher de soleil
Picnic package at Brin de cocagne


For the months of July and August, we offer:

  • Picnic baskets available on request 24 hours in advance (except for Mondays) from €10/person.
  • Cheese or charcuterie or mixed boards accompanied by a small salad and a dessert. 20€/person. (1 glass of Gaillac wine included) or in addition a bottle between 10€ and 30€.