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Albi and the Tarn travel diary

The Tarn has a rich architectural and cultural heritage with unmissable sites such as the episcopal city of Albi classified as a UNESCO world heritage site, perched villages and the Albigensian bastides – Cordes sur Ciel, Castelnau-de-Montmiral, Penne, Puycelsi – villages classified among the most beautiful in France – Lautrec and Isle sur Tarn – dovecotes, national and regional museums.

The variety of soils favors the diversity of landscapes that you will discover as you cross the Cocagne country in search of the history of the pastel, the hills of the Gaillac vineyards, the Lacaune mountains, the black mountain or the granite rocks of the Sidobre.

You will appreciate the Tarnese gastronomy, the local products, the pink garlic of Lautrec, the saffron and the wines of Gaillac.


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Cathédrale sainte Cécile à Albi

World Heritage Site

Fascinating city whose cultural and heritage wealth invites you to travel.

Come and discover Albi, Saint Cecilia’s Cathedral, the cradle of the city, its historic heart, visit its museums and stroll through its picturesque medieval streets.

Albi has been recognized, since 2010, among the high places of the world heritage by the UNESCO.


Fortified towns and hilltop
villages route

In the Tarn, you will enjoy the route going through the 13th century fortified and picturesque villages.

Among which Cordes sur Ciel, Castelnau-de-Montmiral, Puycelsi, some of which are classified as the most beautiful villages of France.     


Culinary Arts in The Tarn

In the center of the Occitan region between Gascony and Languedoc, the Tarn has an exceptional gastronomic diversity: pink garlic from Lautrec, foie gras, saffron, fruit and vegetables, eggs, meat, poultry and cheese…  


Vignoble de Gaillac

Gaillac, the city and its vineyards

Gaillac and its vineyards, a 2,000-year-old history, an exceptional diversity of soils and grape

varieties, Braucol, Duras and Syrah, Prunelart, loin de l’oeil, Mauzac, Ondenc…

…and passionate winegrowers.


Original tours - Pigeon lofts and pastel in the Pays de Cocagne

Pigeon lofts

Pigeon lofts Builted near castels and farms; dovecotes are deemed to be proof of a certain richness and class by owners. Discover the road of the pigeon lofts,nearly 1700 in the Tarn, all different, all constructed with local materials, a part of the tarnese cultural history.

La fleur de cocagne

The pastel in the land of Cocagne

Pays de Cocagne actually owes its name to the “cocagnes”, small balls formed during the processing of pastel to dry out the leaves and draw out the dye: the famous “pastel blue”. This pastel blue, was the “Blue Gold” that brought wealth to the region.

Mont d'Alban dans le Tarn

Tarn, a preserved and authentic territory

Tarn, the heart of Occitania " Benvenguda e bon viatge dins Tarn " (Welcome and have a nice trip in the Tarn). To discover the authenticity of the Tarn and its profound identity, come and meet the Occitan culture.

Golf dans le Tarn

Sports and Leisure activities

Our region offers an ideal playground to take the time to hike, ride bicycles or mountain bikes, trot on horseback, play golf, tennis ... or more simply adopt the art of living in Occitania and take the time to settle down ...  Envie d’escargoter ?* ( go slow, take one's time)

Occitanie, France

The Occitanie area

"Your most beautiful stories are born here"

The new Slogan of the Occitania region is well representative of the region. The region of Occitania abounds in a diversity of landscapes, emblematic sites, villages and towns, atmospheres that cannot leave you indifferent! After your departure, you will have only one desire, to come back!... Brin de cocagne, because of its location, allows you to reach some of the unmissable sites of this beautiful region of Occitania...