The natural bathing area

A green pool!

At Brin de Cocagne, you bathe in a natural water, without chemicals or chlorine. Bathing lets the skin smooth, doesn’t irritate the eyes and gives a sensation of well being in a natural environment. When you are in the water you have a breathtaking view on the surrounding landscape.

Bathing and filtration

The natural pool consists of a bathing pool (8 x 3 m, depth 1,60 m) and a filtration pool where aquatic plants grow, find nutrients in the water and clear it from the impurities, phosphates and nitrates. You can often see little amphibians (salamanders, tritons, frogs), actually we have toads which are shy. They only live in the regeneration pool. The aquatic plants we have planted – water flags, purple loosestrifes, broadleaf cattails, Nile grass, sweet flags, reeds, branched bur-reeds, lizard’s tails, arrowheads – in addition to provide a floral touch and aesthetic touch, make their job of filtration and oxygenation of the water.

An environmentally responsible approach

According to our environmentally responsible approach and our wish to live in harmony with the nature, we have created this pool, which ecological impact is very limited, if excepting the use of a pump to circulate water.