Natural pool bylaw

Thank you for following these tips for the safety and well-being of all!

The natural pool

As part of the French rules on the use of family swimming pools open to guests, and to avoid accidents to children and in order to allow for harmonious use, we have elaborated this bylaw of the natural pool.

  • The natural swimming pool is not watched.
  • As a family swimming pool, its use is reserved only to the members of the family of the owners and the persons staying here in bed and breakfast.
  • Any child under the age of 13, unaccompanied by a parent, is not allowed to access to the pool area. The use of the natural pool by children is under the full oversight and responsibility of their parents.
  • Noisy plays, throws of any objects are forbiden around and in the pool. Jumps and dives are forbiden.
  • The users of the natural pool are committed to:
    – take a shower before bathing and avoid bathing after using a sun cream or oil.
    – use a bathing suit reserved for the use of swimming.
    – not to bring food or drink.
  • The natural swimming pool area is open to guests from 10 am to 8 pm, the owners decline any responsibility in case of non use for swimming.
  • Any user of the natural pool must be covered by civil liability and defense insurance.

The owners, after repeated breaches of one of the articles, may withdraw the authorization of access to the pool space that they have previously granted without any compensation whatsoever.